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Join us in Denver for the ASEH 2024 Annual Conference
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Welcome to ASEH

The American Society for Environmental History encourages scholarship on the interactions between humans and the natural world (or among humans and non-humans) through time. Membership of the Society is markedly interdisciplinary and international, and the work of ASEH members ranges across the ages, from crucial concerns of the present to the farthest reaches of human time.

- Nancy Jacobs
ASEH President

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Are you interested in helping ASEH by serving on a committee?

ASEH solicits volunteers to be committee members to expand the pool of people who contribute to ASEH's work, prizes, and initiatives. Serving on a committee is a great way to become more involved in the society. Please consider nominating yourself or others for service on ASEH committees, including book, article, dissertation, and fellowship prize committees, as well as membership, sustainability, fundraising, meetings, and other committees.


Featured Scholarship

Ruth Rogaski’s Knowing Manchuria: Environments, the Senses, and Natural Knowledge on an Asian Borderland is the 2023 winner of the George Perkins Marsh Prize for best book in environmental history. Treating Manchuria both as a region in its own right and as a contested, nation-defining borderland for multiple empires, Rogaski has produced a multifaceted history encompassing flying voles and subterranean dragons; Chinese, Korean, Russian, Japanese, and Indigenous polities; wetlands, taiga, and sacred mountain environments; and an array of human actors including emperors and poets, farmers and soldiers, botanists, paleontologists, and bacteriologists.

Join us for ASEH 2024
April 3-7, 2023

The Westin Denver Downtown

Denver, Colorado

Thank you for coming to Boston!

History Week 2023
April 16th - 23rd

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