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award and fellowship committees 2020-2021


award committees

George Perkins Marsh Prize Committee for best book:

Committee Member                                          Term Ends

James Rice, Tufts University 2023

Elizabeth Bishop, Texas State University 2025

Gregory Dehler, H-Environment 2025

Alice Hamilton Prize Committee for best article outside the journal Environmental History:

Committee Member                                                    Term Ends

Sumit Guha, University of Texas at Austin 2023

Karen Sayer, Leeds Trinity University 2024

Nanda Jarosz, University of Sydney 2025

Rachel Carson Prize Committee for best dissertation:

Committee Member                                                         Terms Ends

Alix Cooper, Stony Brook University 2023

Benny Andrés, UNC-Charlotte 2024

Amanda Katz, Carnegie Mellon University 2025

fellowship committees

Hal Rothman and J. Donald Hughes Fellowships Committee:

Committee Member                                              Term Ends

Kelly Enright, Flagler College 2023

Lise Sedrez, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro 2024

Christopher Low, University of Utah 2025

Samuel P. Hays Fellowship Committee:

Committee Member                                                         Term Ends

Casey Lurtz, Johns Hopkins University  2023

Andy Flack, University of Bristol  2024

Jongmin Lee, University of Science and Technology, Korea  2025

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