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ASEH 2022

March 23-27, 2022

The Graduate Eugene

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List of Posters

Justine Adetola Ajao, University of Toronto – “’Their farms were on the ocean:’ a sperm whale answers various 19th century American whalemen”

Judith Burr, University of British Columbia Okanagan – “Digital Tools for Environmental Histories: Storying the Fire History of the Okanagan Valley”

Elodie Charriere, Michigan Technological University – “Military Wastes Dumped in North American Great Lakes”

Matthew Goguen, Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. – “Persistent Chemicals, Persistent Research: Understanding the History and Legacy of PFAS”

Lynne Heasley, Western Michigan University, Daniel Macfarlane, Western Michigan University, Jason Glatz, Western Michigan University – “Water, Oil, and Fish: Disguised Design and Transnational Networks in the Laurentian Great Lakes”

Suzannah Hitchcock, Boise State University – “Successful Sanctuary: The Relationship Between the Environment and Tourism on Bermuda”

Joe Horan, Colorado School of Mines – “The Marching Dead: Military Mobility, Mass Mortality, and the Forces of Nature in the Napoleonic Wars”

Heather Howsmon, Sam Houston State University – “British Colonialism in Kenya and the East African Cedar Tree”

Catherine Landis, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry – "Of Canoes and Canals: Indigenous River Science in the Central Oswego River Watershed, NYS"

Stanis Koko Nyalongomo, Congolese Press Agency, Moise Kisempa Mahugudi, Ministry of Finance Operation – “’Dracaena Mannii for Dry Toilet’: Strategy to Protect and Improve the Soil Health through Restoration and Promotion of Historically Use of Dracaena Mannii”

Maria Parisi, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Mark Madison, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – “Women in Conservation History”

Tim Paulson, University of British Columbia – “Mapping Plants in Four Dimensions: Range science and the problems of time and space in British Columbia”

Emily Rabung, The Ohio State University – “Where Endangered Species and Military Training Meet: ESA Protections on Military Lands”

Spencer Segalla, University of Tampa – “Contested Renewals at the End of Empire in Morocco, Algieria, and France”

Zoe Yamada Stave, Boise State University – “Libarna, Italy, as an Agricultural Stronghold, 6th-2nd Centuries BCE: An Environmental Historical Analysis of a Ligurian Archeological Site”

Pinar Temocin, Hiroshima University – “Rethinking Environmental Mobilization: Civil Society Engagement in the Energy Decision-making Process in Post Fukushima Japan”

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