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conference archives

The following is a list of conference programs from our past annual meetings:

The following is the tweet archive from past annual meetings:

conference photo album

Comments on ASEH's conference in Riverside, California in 2018:

This was one of the best ASEH events I've been to, and ASEH is always the best conference of the year. The opening reception was especially great this year.

ASEH is by far my favorite conference, even as a non-Americanist. The sessions always force me to place my work in a broader, global perspective.

Well organized, great sessions, great audience participation. It's my favorite conference of the year.

The dissertation slam was excellent.

Amazing job with the citrus state historic park [field trip]. Great to have multiple perspectives (history, science, from community, from park staff). Also to taste the fruit--delicious! …The community-based participatory public history project behind the history of the groves was phenomenal -- a true model for environmental history.

Both Citrus State Park and Joshua Tree [field trips] were highlights of the conference.

Walking tour of Downtown Riverside was very informative about Riverside specifically, and a model of what a walking tour should be.

Comments on ASEH's conference in Chicago in 2017:

ASEH is consistently the best conference I attend each year, both in terms of the vibrancy of the program and the full participation of attendees.

It was fantastic.

I thought the exhibit area was about as optimal for viewing books and socializing with colleagues as any I've seen.

The book exhibit was impressively large.

The conference was a pleasure: well-run and organized with interesting panels and activities in a great city.

I don't think I went to a single panel I didn't find interesting and useful.

Comments on ASEH's conference in Seattle in 2016:

I attended a lot of different academic meetings in 40 years in publishing. None better at combining terrific substantive sessions with great fun…

ASEH is definitely my best professional conference.

This was my first time attending ASEH and I loved it! Everyone I encountered was very friendly and eager to talk.

The program was simply excellent.

Book exhibit was stellar.

I learned more at round tables in 2016 ASEH than I have at any other annual academic meeting I have ever attended.

The ASEH is hands down my very favorite academic conference…

Best ASEH conference yet!

This is my favorite by far.

One of the best-organized, humanely scheduled conferences I've ever attended…

Elwha Dam trip was SUPERB.

Click here to read Sarah Ruth Wilson's post "A Grad Student Walks Into a Room" on ASEH's 2015 conference in Washington, DC. “From the start, there was a particular vibe … I cannot express how excited I am at meeting fellow graduate colleagues and conversing with those established in the field that are willing to share their wisdom.” The conference "was a kind of renewal for me as a scholar."

Comments on ASEH's conference in San Francisco in 2014:

This is, by far, the best conference I attend every year.

It was, as usual, a great conference – my favorite one every year.

This is always an excellent conference for the networking opportunities.

Considering that there were apparently 700 people there, it did not seem large and crowded, but retained its traditional intimate feel.

People were very professional and friendly.

Overall, the conference was one of the best in the last decade. The sessions and field trips were great!

This was the best ASEH conference I've attended. All of the sessions were interesting.

First-time member, first-time attendee. It will not be my last.

Fantastic! Each of the sessions I attended was fascinating and inspiring. I was pleasantly surprised that time limitations were respected, but usually wanted to hear more!

I loved the workshop, very useful, the people involved were amazing!

The digital history workshop was fantastic. The single best day of discussion/programming I have had in many years.

The sessions I attended were excellent as was the book exhibit.

It was wonderful, from start to finish.

Loved the EH "slam" panel!

What a great city. The location was really terrific, too, close to lots of great restaurants, etc.

ASEH is the only conference I go to regularly where I truly like to go to the entire conference to attend all the really fabulous panels.

ASEH 2014 in San Francisco had made me very excited to attend next year.

Comments on ASEH's conference in Toronto in 2013:

It's the one conference I always make a point of attending.

It's my favorite conference!

I always benefit from my trips to ASEH and I am a better scholar and teacher as a result of attending.

The field trip to the forest preserves was exceptional.

The Niagara Falls trip was excellent!! One of the best I have ever attended.

The venue was spectacular.

ASEH conferences are models of collegiality.

The ASEH continues to be a wonderfully warm, welcoming, friendly conference in which people are really interested and interesting. So nice!

Comments on ASEH's conference in Madison in 2012:

“This past conference was - hands down - the best conference of any kind I've been to in 25 years, for a wide variety of reasons.”

“I came back from Madison RAVING (in a good way!) about ASEH. Thanks so much! This has become my most significant conference of the year.”

"The ASEH conference is the best there is."

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