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March 25-29, 2020

Delta Ottawa City Centre

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The Women’s Environmental History Network (WEHN) is an organization dedicated to promoting scholarship by female-identifying environmental historians. Since our founding in 2016 we have provided community, professional networking, and logistical support to our members in a variety of formats. While we have held events at conferences on three continents, our primary event is the large networking reception held at the annual meetings of the ASEH. This reception serves as an opportunity for younger members to build relationships with potential mentors and for scholars at all levels to meet potential collaborators, share ideas, and showcase their work. We are writing to invite you to collaborate with us by helping to fund this year’s reception.

The WEHN reception will be held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This year, we’re aiming to raise $3000 to fund this reception by offering a tiered system of partnership: 

A. Donors who contribute $250 get their name in the program and on the appreciation sign at the WEHN reception. 

B. Donors who contribute $500 get (A) plus a table, which a publisher, journal, organization, or department might use to promote or hold book signings by affiliated female-identified scholars.

C. Donors who contribute $1,000 get  (A) and (B) and will be listed as sponsoring WEHN’s recognition of our annual Honored Senior Scholar

D. Donors who contribute $2,000 or more receive (A) and (B) and will be listed as the reception co-sponsor along with WEHN

WEHN’s work cultivates a community that is receptive, articulate, and informed, and makes a crucial contribution to the pressing need for diversity and inclusion in the field and the discipline. Your, your department's, or your organization's support will demonstrate [your/its] commitment to female-identified scholars and the vital perspectives they bring to environmental history. 

If you or your [department/press/organization] is interested in serving as a WEHN sponsor, click here and register. please reach out to Sarah Hamilton ( We look forward to hearing from you. 

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