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ASEH 2020

March 25-29, 2020

Delta Ottawa City Centre

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List of Posters

Elizabeth (Scout) Blum, Troy University – “It’s Not All Fun and Games: Documenting the Gender and Ethnic Divide in Environmentally-Themed Tabletop Games”

M. Blake ButlerUniversity of Western Ontario – When Nature Fails to Co-Operate: Snowmaking and Human Understandings of Winter

Stephen Brain, Mississippi State University – “Environmentally Mad!: Environmentalist activism in a jugular vein”

Lynne Heasley, Western Michigan University; Daniel Macfarlane, Western Michigan University; Jason Glatz, Western Michigan University – “Water, Oil, and Fish: Disguised Design and Technological Matrices of Place in the Laurentian Great Lakes”

Mara Hogan, Temple University – “Indigenous Oppressions in a Post Nuclear World: The Effects of British and French Nuclear Testing on Indigenous People and Their Environment”

Marc Landry, University of New Orleans – “Europe's Battery: The Alps, Water, and Power, 1850-2000”

Laura Larsen, University of Saskatchewan – “Introducing Cinderella: Canola production on the Canadian prairies 1971 – 1979”

Margôt Maddison-MacFadyen, Nipissing University – “Mind the onion seed”

Alexandra Neumann, University of Prince Edward Island – “Canada’s Last Green Revolution: Modern Agriculture and its Ecological Impacts in Prince Edward Island, 1950-2015”

Stanis Koko Nyalongomo, Ecosystems Restoration Associates Congo (ERA -Congo); Benjamin Mputela Bankanza, Ecosystems Restoration Associates Congo (ERA -CONGO) – “Operation “Boundary-stones Through Dracaena Mannii And Planting 20 Fruit Trees For One Dry Toilet”: Strategy To Fight Climate Change And Promote Reforestation And Ecological Sanitation”

Maria Parisi, USFWS, National Conservation Training Center; Mark Madison, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – “Women in Conservation History”

Tristan Purdy, Colorado State University – “Submerged Stories: Recovering Ordinary Experiences with Flooding along Colorado’s Front Range” 

Emily Rabung, The Ohio State University – Where Endangered Species Conservation and Military Training Meet: ESA protections on U.S. Army Lands

Juliane Schlag, Brown University – “Three hundred years of forest decline and land-use change in New England: comparison of archeoethnobotanical, historical, and pollen-based information using landscape reconstruction”

Elizabeth Weatherbee Tarbell, Harvard University – “Dianchi Consumed: ethnicity and environment at a lake in Yunnan, China, 1700-today”

Natalie Wilkinson, University of Oklahoma - "Yosemite: An Environmental History Told Through Maps"

Emily K. Witherow, University of Ottawa - "Revered, Dispossessed, Commoditized: An Environmental History of the Chaudière Falls"

Bingru YueQueen’s University, Canada – From Wetlands to Farmland: Expanding Agriculture on Chongming Island, 1960-1962”

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