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Environmental History Review


Review of applications to begin on: February 1, 2024

The American Society for Environmental History seeks applicants to serve as Editor of the new digital journal Environmental History Review for a renewable three-year term beginning July 2024. 

The Environmental History Review (EHR) will be the open-access digital publication of the American Society for Environmental History, existing as a space to exchange knowledge, respond to contemporary issues, and explore topics that connect the environmental present with its past. EHR’s goals include the fast-paced publication of work by a wide range of environmental historians  in formats and media that go beyond standard academic articles and reviews. While the Environmental History Review will include both peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed work, it will complement rather than compete with the work of Environmental History. The initial goal will be to publish content twice a week and provide a space to cultivate community. 

The editor-in-chief will work with two to three associate editors and will be paid an annual stipend of $6000. The associate editors as well as the social media outreach coordinator will also be compensated.


The ideal candidate must have:

      • Recognized expertise in the field, 
      • A compelling vision for the future of the journal and the field,
      • Managerial, organizational, editorial, and digital media skills to oversee the editorial cycle, meet deadlines, and work with publishing professionals,
      • The ability to attract established and new scholars to contribute to the journal,
      • Tact in communicating with authors and staff, and
      • Membership in the ASEH.

Application Materials

The application package must include:

  • Vision Statement that cohesively answers the following questions:
    • Where do you envision the Environmental History Review six years from now? 
    • How will the EHR differ from similar digital journals?
    • How do you plan to collaborate and build relationships with Environmental History and other environmental history publications and efforts?
    • Why are you considering this role at this moment in your career?
  • Curriculum vitae that highlights publications, editorial experience, and links to any digital portfolios

      Search Procedure

      Review of applications will begin on February 1, 2024. Finalists will be interviewed remotely over Zoom or at the ASEH meeting in Denver, Colorado, April 3-7, 2024.

      Applications must be submitted as a single PDF file with the file name “yourlastname_EHReditor.pdf” to the chair of the search committee, Catherine McNeur (

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