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Virtual ASEH 2024 Schedule

All sessions will be on Zoom March 25-29, 2024. Links will be available on the Whova conference app.

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March 25

Creaturely Chronicles: Histories of Animal-Human Relations
ONLINE: Monday, March 25: 10:00AM–11:30AM EDT


Will Cavert, University of St. Thomas


“A bird by any other name: a history of European attempts to understand the relationship between penguins and auks.” Ellen Arnold, University of Stavanger

To Hang the Said Sow: Pig Execution in Medieval Burgundy, Marissa Crannell-Ash, University of Rochester

"100% Pure American Bison:" Environmental Networks and Animal Vitality in the American Zoo, Dominic Dongilli, University of Iowa

From “Silence” to Song: Sonic Histories of Whales, Jessica Ward, University of Oxford

Sowing Political Seeds: Gardens, Newcomers, and Nationalisms
ONLINE: Monday, March 25: 12:30PM–2:00PM EDT


Mona Bieling, Geneva Graduate Institute


Italianness in the United States between Migrants’ Informal Gardening Practices and Agricultural Diplomacy (1880–1912), Gilberto Mazzoli, European University Institute, Florence

Botanical Zionism at the Hebrew University Jerusalem: Planting National Identities between Science and Religion in Mandatory Palestine, Mona Bieling, Geneva Graduate Institute

Blood and Soil in the Garden: Growing a German Heimat at Stuttgart’s 1939 Reichsgartenschau, Nicky Rehnberg, University of California, Santa Barbara

Picnics, Peppers, Pak Choi: Immigrants in Allotment Gardens in the Netherlands, 1960-1990, Ailish Lalor, Harvard University


Kate Brown, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sharing Knowledge about Water: Experiences and Practices in Teaching
ONLINE: Monday, March 25: 3:00PM–4:30PM EST


Francisco Javier Bonilla Garcia, Carnegie Mellon University

Abigail E Owen, Carnegie Mellon University

March 26

Marxist Ecology and the Problem of Non-Western Development

ONLINE: Tuesday, March 26: 10:00AM–11:30AM EDT


Water, Coal, Wheat: Irrigation, Colonial “Development,” and the Space-Time of Fossil Capitalism, Swarnabh Ghosh, Harvard University

Metabolizing Development: Ecologies of Labor and Agriculture in Pre-War Japan, Charlotte Ciavarella, Harvard University; Joshua Linkous, Harvard University

Ecological Themes in the Developmental Thought of Ismail-Sabri Abdallah, Max Ajl, University of Ghent


Kohei Saito, University of Tokyo

Environment and the State: Authoritarianism, Democracy, and Notions of Modernity

ONLINE: Tuesday, March 26: 12:30PM–2:00PM EDT


Faisal Husain, Penn State University


The struggle for water in rural Paraguay: a 'perverse analysis' of subversive participation, Joseph J Garcia, University of New Mexico

The English Working Cat: Genetics, Socialism, and the Domestic Environment in the Mid-Twentieth Century, Matthew Holmes, University of Stavanger

Reconsidering the Nazi Fire Fetish (1933-1939), Sloane Nilsen, University of California - Berkeley

Nordic Green Modernity as Speculation, 1970-1980, Jay Richardson, University of Cambridge

Online Lightning Talks
ONLINE: Tuesday, March 26: 3:00PM–4:30PM EDT


Yiyun Peng, Cornell University


The Infinite Red Lists: Can Biodiversity Ever Be Measured? Isobel Akerman, University of Cambridge

Conservatism, the Far-Right, and the Environment, Jesse Callahan Bryant, Yale University

Bound to Waste Paper: An Exploration of Printed and Manuscript Waste in Early American Books, Ashley Cataldo, American Antiquarian Society

Arctic Environmental Extractivism and the Inuit Polar Bear Skin Trade in Canada, 1920-1930, George Colpitts, University of Calgary; Andrew Goodwin, University of Calgary

Captives From Canada’s “Unspoiled Province;” Extracting Wild Animals For Sportsmen’s Shows, 1898-1941, Sean Cox, University of New Brunswick

Before Fire Suppression: The Erosion of Fire Stewardship and the Rise of Fire Aversion in Gold Rush Era California, Marina Del Cassio, Stanford

From “American Snack” to “Beijing specialty”:A Transpacific Story of Fried Chicken, Wenzheng Fang, University of Notre Dame

Borders, Resource Extraction, and the Early Conservation Movement in Patagonia, Argentina, María de los Ángeles Picone, Boston College

March 27

Social and Political Violence in the Extraction Zone: Disasters, States, and Memory
ONLINE: Wednesday, March 27: 10:00AM–11:30AM EDT


Charles Closmann, University of North Florida


Alexander Jania, University of Chicago

Alison J Bruey, University of North Florida

James Parker, Arizona State University

Amit Sadan, University of New Mexico

Chau Kelly, University of North Florida

Speculation and Environmental Futures in the Anthropocene
ONLINE: Wednesday, March 27: 12:30PM–2:00PM EDT


Jack Bouchard, Rutgers University


Building a New World: Carbon Memories in creating Green Energy Markets, Stephanie Childress, University of Texas at Austin

The Anthropocene as Speculative Space for Environmental Negotiations of Human-Nature Histories, André Krebber, University of Kassel

The Men in the High Castle of the Anthropocene: American Geostrategists Speculating on Planetary Futures and Extractivist Roots of Global War During the 1940s, Paul Nauert, Eastern Oregon University

Disaster Cinema and Just Eco-criticism:  How Can We Envision New Worlds? Tijen Tunali, University Of Rennes 2

ASEH 2024 Online Plenary Session

Reflections on the Hottest Year on Record
ONLINE: Wednesday, March 27: 3:00PM–4:30PM EDT


Tim Lehman, Rocky Mountain College


Dagomar Degroot, Georgetown University

Ruth Morgan, Australian National University

Qing Pei, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Jay Turner, Wellesley College


ONLINE: Wednesday, March 27th at 5 PM EST/4 PM CST

As part of this year's ASEH virtual conference, the Early Career Caucus is hosting a virtual meet-and-greet event that is open to everyone, no matter your career stage! Come to meet other ASEH members, learn more about everyone's work, and have some pleasant conversations about how the conference is going. 

The event will take place on Wednesday, March 27th at 5 PM EST/4 PM CST, shortly after the plenary session. We will use the following zoom room:


Meeting ID: 993 9389 2051

Looking forward to seeing you there!"

March 28

Changing Climates–Past, Present and Future
ONLINE: Thursday, March 28: 10:00AM–11:30AM EDT


Tania Munz, Forest History Society


Students and Changing Climates: Teaching Climate Anxiety in Environmental Studies and Environmental History, Alex Boynton, University of Kansas

“The Heart of Winter”: English Environmental Catastrophe as Indigenous Strategy in 17th-Century New England, Nathan Bryant Braccio, Lesley University

The Climate of Cairo, 1800-2000, Adam Mestyan, Duke University

Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Sustainable Forest Management in Asia & Role of Traditional  Societies, Baisakhi Bandyopadhyah,, Independent Researcher

Agricultural Extension: Transimperial Institutions and Transpacific Environments in Modern East Asia
ONLINE: Thursday, March 28: 8:00PM–9:30PM EDT


Jessica Wang, University of British Columbia


The Ecology of Authority: Agricultural Science and Integrative Mapping in Modern Korea, Albert L Park, Claremont McKenna College

Not important but indispensable: the changes in and environmental impact of wheat varieties and production areas in Postwar Taiwan, SHAO-LI LU, National Taiwan University

A Little Patch of Kentucky in Yamanashi: Transpacific Agricultural Extension in Japan (1938-1979), William Sack, Harvard University


Jessica Wang, University of British Columbia

On the Road with Environmental History: Travel, Transportation, and Tourism
ONLINE: Thursday, March 28: 12:30PM–2:00PM EDT


Sarah Keyes, University of Nevada, Reno


Wonderland: Emerging Brand Identity of the Northern Pacific Railway at the Turn of the Twentieth Century, Rebecca Houze, Northern Illinois University

Indigenous Guides and Naturalist Vistas: Twentieth-century Naturalists, Nature Writing, and the Role of Indigenous Collaborative Voices, Dale Potts, South Dakota State University

Pumping the Past: The Dinosaur as a Symbol for Fossil Fuels, Henrik Jaron Schneider, The University of Texas at Austin

March 29

Unearthing Environmental Justice: Energy Development and Indigenous Communities

ONLINE: Friday, March 29: 10:00AM–11:30AM EDT


From Native Sovereignties to Petro Citizens: Oil, Conservation, and Allotment in Indian Territory, Mark Boxell, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Oil Exploration and Gas Flaring in Nigeria: Building unsustainable Future through Environmental Degradation, Livinus Ikwuako Okeke, Imo State University, Nigeria

The Return of Mi Shwe Tin? Native Litigation and Speculative Futures in a Burmese Oilfield, Chao Ren, University of Michigan

Frameworks for Speculation: Science, Economy, and the Uncertain Environment
ONLINE: Friday, March 29: 3:30PM–5:00PM EDT


Matthew B. Shutzer, Duke University


“Without Regard to Season:” The Question of Extractivism in Modern Amazonia, Adrián Lerner, Churchill College, University of Cambridge

Infrastructures of Ocean/Knowledge: The Port of Hambantota and Ocean University, Sri Lanka 2000-2020, Tamara Fernando, Stony Brook University

The Coal Evangelists, Leah Aronowsky, Columbia University

Oil Finders: The Planet as a Hydrocarbon Reservoir, Matthew B. Shutzer, Duke University


Gökçe Günel, Rice University

The Pacific Ocean: New Perspectives in Its Environmental History
ONLINE: Friday, March 29: 8:00PM–9:30PM EDT


Lisa Brady, Boise State University


New City and New Ocean:  A Comparative History between Qingdao and Los Angeles, Shen Hou, Peking University

Pacific as a Connected Unit: Imagined and Created, Sheng Fei, Sun Yat-Sen University

Braided Waters: Environment and Society in Molokai, Hawaii, Wade Graham, Independent Scholar


Donald Worster, University of Kansas

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